Boat trip

Enjoy an unforgettable boat trip!

Get on board of one of worlds largest tallships or on board of a traditional sailing ship from the Historical Sailing Harlingen and experience the Tall Ships Races Harlingen from the water. Feel the sun on your face, the wind through your haires and hear the unique sounds of the Waddensea.

This is a paid part of the programma. Buy your tickets through this link.

Programme (start 11 am, 2 pm or 5 pm )

10.30 Get thogether at the gathering place.
11.00 You will be expected at the ship. The skipper welcomes you on board.
11.30 Whilst you enjoy the boat trip with the decor of the beautiful ships and the Waddensea, you can order some drinks at the bar.
13.00 De crew says goodbye. Hopefully everyone enjoyed this amazing experience.


Boat trip

Tallship                                                 € 59,-   (children until the age of 12: € 40,-)
Traditional sailing ship                         € 49,-   (children until the age of 12: € 32,50)

Prizes are per person, including VAT and excluding reservation costs.
Buy your ticket through this link.