Sponsormogelijkheden Tall Ships Races

The organisation of the Tall Ships Races Harlingen with its international allure exists only with the support of partners and volunteers. As a host port, Harlingen offers companies and institutions various sponsorship opportunities to become partners in this sporty and socially valuable event.

Within the sponsorship options, we make a distinction between partnerships, friendships, supporters, fans and fellowships. Each sponsor package consists of a number of exclusive rights. Below you will find more information about the various packages.


As a PARTNER you enjoy a large number of exclusive privileges. We offer industry exclusivity and customisation where desired. You are one of the most visible brands or organisations in the run-up to and during the Tall Ships Races Harlingen 2022. You can become a PARTNER from € 25,000.


As a FRIEND you are one of the driving forces behind the event. You get an extensive standard package of media mentions, visibility during the event and exclusive invitations to official meetings. In addition, some tailor-made arrangements are possible. You can become a FRIEND from € 12,500.


We have put together an interesting standard package for supporters who care about our organisation, our goals and the grandiose event. You are a SUPPORTER for an amount of € 5,000.


Our fans are members of the Frisian Tall Ships Club. A business club that is committed to recruiting people and organisations that want to support The Tall Ships Races Harlingen. You are a FAN with a donation of € 1,500.


As a Fellow you support a trainee. It is an investment in young people and you help the trainee develop themselves. In return, the trainee is the ambassador of your organisation during the event. You can adopt a trainee for € 1499,-. This amount includes the cost of the journey for the trainee, extra costs for pocket money and luggage. Offering a piece of exposure for you as a sponsor.