Partner Tall Ships Races

As a PARTNER you enjoy a large number of exclusive privileges. We offer industry exclusivity and customisation where desired. You are one of the most visible brands or organisations in the run-up to and during the Tall Ships Races Harlingen 2022. You are a PARTNER from € 25.000,-.

Are you interested in the Partnership sponsorship package or would you like to recieve more information about the possibilities of this package? Please contact us.


  • You are a member of the Frisian Tall Ships Club, including all the benefits it offers.
  • You will have the exclusive right to use a Tall Ship with 16 people during the Sail In, including catering, parking and a boarding pass. You share your Tallship with 3 other partners and have first choice for booking arrangements for extra persons.
  • You will be given the right to exclusively adopt a Tall Ship for a half-day, during which you can complete the activities yourself (in consultation with SHS). This excludes catering, parking and a boarding pass. It concerns a class A/B Tall Ship that is docked at the quay.
  • An invitation for 2 people for our official meetings during the event (including captains dinner).
  • You can adopt 2-4 trainees who can act as ambassadors for your organisation.


  • You may use the name and logo of The Tall Ships Races Harlingen 2022 and the logo of Sail training International.
  • You will receive a 1/1 page advertisement in the program brochures and overviews.
  • A 1/1 page advertisement in the manuals for captains, skippers and volunteers.
  • A logo mention with link on our website o.v.v. ‘partner’.
  • A promotional spot (30 sec) on LED screens/video walls during the event.
  • You will have the opportunity to link your name to one of our theme areas.
  • You will be given the opportunity to place flags and other promotions on the event site.


  • We will send a press release about our sponsorship deal to selected media via our press list; if desired, we can turn it into a special press moment.
  • Your logo is prominently visible at press conferences from our press centre.
  • We will post a news item about your support on our website.
  • We will post a news item about your support on our social media.
  • We will send a news item about your support via our newsletter.
  • We will mention your organisation in external media (weekly newspapers, magazines, etc.), where we offer the possibility to place ‘branded content’.