Wylde Swan comes to the Tall Ships Races Harlingen

For a while it seemed that the Wylde Swan wouldn’t be part of the Tall Ships Races this year, but they are coming! It is the only tall ship with a Frisian name. The Wylde Swan combines the majesty we know from the largest tall ships with the sailing character normally only found on smaller ships. It is the largest and fastest topsail schooner in the world.

The schooner has Makkum as its home port, however, is not moored there very often. Every winter the ship sails to the Caribbean with students. In the summer you can join her on her travels along the Scottish west coast.

The Wylde Swan is part of the ‘’Hollandse Helden’’. Which is a group of seven ships which have joined their forces. They use each other’s network to raise awareness of the Dutch tall ships that travel worldwide.