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  1. Rabobank guides trainees of Tall Ships Races Harlinge

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    Rabobank is a sponsor of the Tall Ships Races Harlingen for the third time in a row. ‘We think it is important that all young people can join one of the tall ships as a trainee and we are happy to commit ourselves to that,’ says Jelmer Algra, director of cooperative Rabobank in the Leeuwarden-Northwest Friesland region.

    Rabobank assists Tall Ships Races Harlingen in guiding the trainees. “Our employees can help the trainees with their knowledge and expertise in their crowdfunding activities. This way we want to make it possible for all young people to participate in the Tall Ships Races. It ties in well with one of our focus points: Financially Healthy Living’, says Algra. In addition, Rabobank is adopting a number of trainees. Before the journey from Esbjerg to Harlingen, they will receive an assignment to limit waste on board.

    Tall Ship Races 2022 Harlingen 

    Harlingen is one of the host ports of the Tall Ships Races. The event starts on 9th July, 2022 in Esbjerg (Denmark). Harlingen is the endpoint of the first stage on 14th July. Between sixty and eighty of the world’s largest sailing ships take part in the event. The tall ships will be moored in Harlingen from the 14th to the 17th of July, which will be a huge happening. Besides admiring the beautiful ships, there are all kinds of activities.

  2. Succesfull meeting Frisian Tall Ships Club

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    More than seventy members met on Thursday 24th March during the meeting of the Frisian Tall Ships Club at Brouwdok in Harlingen. It was a moment of reunion and networking in an informal setting. But there was also news. During the meeting it was announced that ‘’Speedbooks’’ will link its name to the business lounge in the warehouse building on the Willemshaven during the Tall Ships Races Harlingen. Brouwdok has also revealed that they will be brewing a special edition IPA Sail 2022.

    Two more meetings of the Frisian Tall Ships Club will follow before the Tall Ships Races Harlingen from 14th to 17th July. The dates for this will follow.

  3. Two new participants at Tall Ships Races Harlingen

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    There are two new participating ships in the Tall Ships Races Harlingen! Georg Stage and Roald Amundsen have applied. These beautiful tall ships will sail from Esbjerg to Harlingen from 10th July with trainees on board. On 14th July they sail into Harlingen during the impressive sail in. The tall ships in Harlingen can be admired until 17th July.

    Georg Stage

    The Danish training ship Georg Stage was built in 1934 in Frederikshavn. This three-master is one of the few to have competed in both the first race in 1956 and the 50th anniversary in 2006.

    Roald Amundsen

    Roald Amundsen is a tall ship with a mission. The ship is run entirely by volunteers. Their goal? Training and passing on traditional seamanship. The ship was built in 1952 in Roblau/Elbe as a logger with large tanks on board. In 1992 Roald Amundsen was converted into a brig and serves as a training ship.

  4. Onder de Luifel again innovative catering partner

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    Onder de Luifel is the innovative and sustainable catering partner of the Tall Ships Races Harlingen for the third time in a row. Especially for the Tall Ships Races Harlingen, Onder de Luifel will put together dishes that are prepared with products from the Wad. “We make conscious, sustainable choices. Good for the environment and the region’, according to Haye Westendorp, director of Onder de Luifel together with Ytje Dijkstra.

    Food from ‘t Wad

    The dishes served by Onder de Luifel during the Tall Ships Races are specially put together for the event and prepared with products that come from t’ Wad or can be found in the Wadden area. From special cheese matured on Vlieland to Wadden Sea vegetables grown on the seawall. “Not only fun for Frisian visitors, but also for visitors from far beyond our national borders. It will be a culinary journey of discovery,” says Ytje Dijkstra. ‘By working together sustainably with our suppliers and partners, innovative delicacies are created. Think, for example, of our brew bread. This is a circular bread with local brewer’s grain and the traditional work of our baker.’

    Food as a connecting factor

    “We are pleased that Onder de Luifel is once again willing to commit itself to the Tall Ships Races as an innovative and sustainable catering partner. Onder de Luifel knows better than anyone else what the Wadden Sea has to offer in the culinary field,” says Lieuwe Krol, director of the Harlingen Sail foundation, the organiser of the Tall Ships Races Harlingen.

  5. Sign up for the journey of a lifetime

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    Are you between 15 and 25 years old and do you fancy an adventure full of freedom and fun? Then board a tall ship with 250 young people in July. From 9th to 16th July, you will sail from Esbjerg to Harlingen. It will be a week full of sports, culture and parties in which you will make many international friendships. An unforgettable experience. Sign up quickly, because full is full!

  6. Harlingen Sail and De Friesland sign partner agreement

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    Health insurer ‘’De Friesland’’ and the Harlingen Sail foundation have entered into a partnership around the Tall Ships Races Harlingen. De Friesland will be a vitality partner for the largest event in the Northern Netherlands in 2022. The contract was signed last week.

    De Friesland as a vitality partner
    De Friesland supports this wonderful event of Friesland. Cid Berger, director of Brand, Marketing & Sales De Friesland: “The event gives us the opportunity to show our ambition: Living a vital life together. During the event we organise a vitality square with our partners, with which we get the community moving in a fun and accessible way. We do that with our Monkey Cage XL, among other things.”

    Social ambitions
    De Friesland does not only fulfil its social ambitions with the vitality square. “The unique opportunity that young people are offered to gain a great life experience really appeals to us. That is why we have also adopted four trainees, who will be able to push their limits in July at De Friesland’s expense,” says Cid Berger. Chairman Jan Reier Arends is very pleased that De Friesland is on board as a partner. “Thanks to the partnership, we can fulfil our social ambitions even better. And the fact that a respected party like De Friesland is committed to our event and our objectives also says something about the image and impact that the event has acquired after the two previous editions.”

  7. No Russion ships at Tall Ships Races 2022

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    Like much of the world, Harlingen Sail Foundation is shocked and saddened by what is currently happening in Ukraine. We hope the hostilities and violence will end soon.

    In light of these events, we have had discussions with Sail Training International and the other host ports of the Tall Ships Races 2022. Following these discussions, we have unanimously decided that, given the current situation, Russian ships will not be allowed to participate in the event.

    We have made this decision with a heavy heart, precisely because the Tall Ships Races stand for international friendship and connection. However, in view of the act of aggression in Ukraine, we find it highly inappropriate to receive the Russian ships festively in Harlingen in July. We are happy to do this with other impressive ships, which have already signed up.